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Razor Braids "Mega Church"

Based in Brooklyn, Razor Braids are a powerful indie rock band taking New York (and the world) by storm. From Rock n’ Roll anthems to acoustic ballads, Razor Braids cover the spectrum of what it means to be indie legends. Their most recent single, “Megachurch,” grapples with the wistful remorse of a love that is seemingly lived through a past life. With its stripped acoustic sound, “Megachurch” gives room for its heartbreaking lyrics to come to the surface, bringing to light the complex emotions of reflecting on long lost memories.

Their other recent single, “Kelloggs,” is entirely different instrumentally, describing it as “Very near and dear to [their] hearts.” With its Doo Wop type rhythm, it shows the versatility of Razor Braid’s discography. Their single, “Don’t Stop!,” gives more hard rock energy that The Cranberries would be proud of.

Listen to Razor Braids below and follow along on their journey @razorbraids on Instagram.



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