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Venus & the Flytraps' "Dumbing of Age"

Venus & the Flytraps are a Nashville, Tennessee girl band comprised of Brenna Kasis and Ceci Tomé. With their indie rock style, Venus & the Flytraps’ “Dumbing of Age” EP is a no-skips, intrinsic project. This EP is an anthem-filled piece of art for those who are navigating through the newfound complexities of adulthood, while maintaining a childlike sense of freedom.

Though they are new to the indie scene, Venus & the Flytraps have already proven themselves musically and thematically. With nearly 20,000 streams on their single, “Boys are Cuter When They’re Crying,” Kasis and Tomé are presenting to the world their timeless originality and prodigious talent. Listen to “Dumbing of Age” below.



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