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What's New in Fashion: From Coach to Gentle Monster

A roundup of this week's best fashion moments.

Coach's Coachtopia

To help mitigate waste in the fashion industry, the Coachtopia collection is a variety of leather goods like footwear, handbags, and accessories made from recycled materials: “Made With Waste.” Now available on Coach’s website, Coachtopia was launched as a spin-off of their (re)loved the program, which has re-homed over 20,000 coach bags. On top of the eco-friendly material, each item will have an NFC chip so the purchaser can see behind the process of constructing the item and its history. Check out the Coachtopia bags here.

Skims' Barbiecore Swim Collection

On the wave of Barbie-Core that is permeating every corner of the internet after the most recent trailer released, Skims released a Barbie-Esque collection featuring bedazzled neon pink and blue swimsuits. Coming from everyone's y2K obsessions, these one and two pieces are the perfect 2000’s era beach look with rhinestones detailing strappy bikini bottoms and skirts. Check out the new collection on the Skims webstore.

Peachy Den’s “Lucky Stars” Collection

Peachy Den’s newest drop, “Lucky Stars, " a collection full of nostalgia,” took the last football-inspired collection and turned it on its head with these new Hollywood-esque pieces. The collection features many denim staples with a nod towards the 2000s, with each piece named after a Playboy Bunny. When it's not denim, it's a lot of lacey capri pants, lacey long sleeves, and a matching gray/black floral maxi skirt and top. Check out the collection here.

Gentle Monster SS23 Collection

Gentle Monster, an eyewear brand out of South Korea, is introducing fresh designs just in time for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. These new styles are part of the brand's "BOLD" collection, consisting of modern, bug-eyed sunglasses with shiny, metallic embellishments. Among the new offerings is the Paso, a bold goggle-style design that draws inspiration from the celestial bodies in the galaxy, while the Yyy boasts similar features at the temples, making a statement of its own. Check out the collection here.

Check back next week for more great collecions.


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