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You'll Feel 'Love + Everything Else' in John K's Debut Album

John Poulson, also known as singer-songwriter John K, released his debut album Love + Everything Else on Friday, November 13. The artist mentioned the passion behind his work on Instagram, calling the album a "collection of songs [that] has challenged and changed me."

In 2017, John K released his single "OT" independently, which amassed over 50,000,000 streams despite not being associated with any label. After the release of his debut EP, If We Never Met in 2019, Poulson was signed with Epic Records.

In Love + Everything Else, John K takes listeners through the struggles of love, moving on, and his own flaws through his artfully honest lyricism and catchy beats. Poulson begins "Cheap Sunglasses" with the line "This is why I can’t have nice things / ‘Cause I break ‘em."

In an interview, Poulson revealed the inspiration for the song: "We started the session and one of the writers looked at the table and saw this pair of expensive sunglasses that the producer had. And he was like, 'Dude, I was going to buy these. They were in my cart and I just couldn’t push the button because every time I buy a new pair of sunglasses, I always lose them.' And then we just spit it out. We found this whole deeper side of it where we related it to how I always mess up relationships." Poulson is known for making his tracks with a close group of friends, allowing ideas to flow organically through brainstorming games and candid recording sessions.

Listen to Love + Everything Else below and let us know what you think.



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