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Miley Cyrus' Newest Remix Has Us On The Edge Of Our Seats

As fans eagerly await Miley Cyrus’ 7th studio album, Plastic Hearts, Cyrus has been releasing new music, teasing us until release day — November 27th. Her newest singles include iconic classic rock covers such as “Heart Of Glass (Live from the iHeart Festival)” and “Zombie (Live from NIVA Save Our Stages Festival).”

Most recently, on November 6th, Cyrus collaborated with Stevie Nicks to create “Edge of Midnight (Midnight Sky Remix).” As the title implies, it is a fantastic mashup of Nicks' famous “Edge of Seventeen” and Cyrus' “Midnight Sky.”

The two artists beautifully set the stage for an impressive and historic mashup. The remix begins with "Edge of Midnight’s" guitar buildup, leading into "Midnight Sky’s" disco synth melody. In flood Cyrus’ isolated vocals as the song’s intensity increases and the melody becomes fuller. The singers switch on and off between singing each song, perfectly blending into each other. As they share the vocal spotlight, Nicks adds addicting lower harmonies to deepen the song’s emotions. This remix in its entirety is a female vocal powerhouse experience. Saying that, we know Cyrus is just beginning to claim her title as “Queen of Rock.”

With only 18 days until the release of Plastic Hearts, we’re anxiously waiting to see more of what Miley Cyrus brings to the table. Rumors are circulating that the album will be a Metallica cover album, though Cyrus has yet to release a single cover by the rock band.

Perhaps she’ll stay focused on covering iconic classic rock songs — or she’ll continue to introduce classic rockers onto her previous tracks. Either way, we’re at the edge of our seats.

Check out our thoughts on "Midnight Sky" and let us know which version you prefer in the comments!


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