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Introducing... Aaron Frazer

Electric blues singer/songwriter Aaron Frazer released his debut solo album Introducing... on January 8, and has continued to grow steadily in popularity since then.

With twelve tracks on the album, Introducing... is a harmonious blend of mid-60s soul, disco, gospel, doo-wop, and pop. Frazer's classic falsetto vocal tones and groovy melodies tell a lively love story, flirting with a number of different genres.

“I didn’t want Introducing… to be an exact recreation of an era or a style. We have this opportunity to be inspired by and take direction from our musical forerunners, and also what’s happening now — from contemporary hip hop, from pop music,” Frazer says about his new album. “I’m excited to keep breaking some of the expectations around what exactly I’m supposed to be artistically and musically, or what this scene as a whole can be.”

Introducing... is both dynamic and cohesive, from the driving piano riffs of "Can't Leave It Alone" to the soft sounds of ballad "Leanin' on Your Everlasting Love."

Listen to Introducing... below and let us know what you think.



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