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Can We Talk About Jennifer Lawrence?

Jennifer Lawrence was a cornerstone of 2010s pop culture. Some may say her status was earned due to her role as Katniss Everdeen in the little-known indie flick called The Hunger Games. Others could argue it's because she was awarded her first Oscar in 2013 at the ripe age of 22. Even though her star continues to shine in 2023, there’s a new angle to her fame. The said angle being her latest role as the poster child for Quiet Luxury. Because if anyone can be classified as the modern-day Carolyn Bassete Kennedy (the mother of this sub-style, in my humble opinion), it would be Ms. Lawrence.

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Now, we all know what quiet luxury is: L.L Bean Tote Bags, trips to Nantucket, The Row, Shiv Roy from Succession yada yada yada. Google it if you want a proper definition. Jennifer (I weirdly think we’re on a first-name basis) could teach a masterclass on the trend, but could it really be considered a trend? What with its classic tailoring and subdued tones, but ultimately, it’s a nod to the 90s. Think Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, Gwenyth Paltrow, and the aforementioned Carolyn. Timeless. Structured. Albeit a bit snotty.

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But Jennifer is updating the 90s look with a purely 2023 twist. Instead of straight-leg jeans, she pairs her sweaters with baggy Levi’s or some upscale denim brand that claims nuns or saints weave their denim. The tweaks, although subtle, are a refreshing take. Mainly due to the more laid-back approach; the complete opposite of snobbery. Even though the looks are quietly expensive, meaning a single outfit of hers could cost more than the average rent in New York City, Jennifer’s outfits would never sneer at you for sporting a monogrammed Louis Vuitton Never Full. The outfits are accessible, easily thriftable, and would look effortlessly chic on everyone— even if the wearer has never had a golf lesson or stepped foot on a sailboat.

Jennifer started gaining heavy traction in regard to her style leading up to the release of her latest film, No Hard Feelings. Backgrid (the notorious paparazzi agency that caters to A-Lister’s need for photo-ops) was seemingly called every time she stepped outside her penthouse in the West Village. It was almost as if her publicist wanted to start a PR campaign to push her new aesthetic on the public, but that’s neither here nor there.

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Each picture captured by the paps shows her in casual-chic outfits, garnering coverage in every fashion publication you could think of. With headlines like “How to Look Expensive According to Jennifer Lawrence'' (Vogue Australia); “Jennifer Lawrence Pulls Off Fall Date-Night Style in a Slouchy Off-the-Shoulder Sweater” (Harper’s Bazaar); “Jennifer Lawrence Wears Flip-Flops Under Cannes Festival Gown, Achieves Instant Legend Status” (Marie Claire).

And not to sound pretentious, but I saw this coming — if my Pinterest board titled “Inspiration 2021” is to be believed. The board was also created during the period of her hibernation, post-a series of box office flops and pre-Netflix’s star-studded Don’t Look Up. I dubbed this era as The Dark Days. And during this time, her seemingly simple style wasn't gaining much attention, especially compared to the coverage she’s receiving now.

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Nonetheless, I pinned a majority of her street-style looks, which mainly consist of dad jeans, maxi skirts, trench coats, and cardigans. She pairs them with either sandals, flip flops, or the current It-sneaker of the month, Adidas Sambas, in every colorway available on the market. The accessories are equally simple: oversized or undersized sunglasses, black leather belts, baseball caps, and plain Dior Saddle bags —she happens to be a brand ambassador of the fashion house. All of these pieces accumulate into a kind of elevated version of Adam Sandler’s signature dressed-down style, which, in my book, is among one of the highest compliments I could give.

At this point, I know you’re asking, could I be a Jennifer Lawrence super fan? Maybe. Do I have a public folder on TikTok of Hunger Games edits? Yes, definitely. Did I watch compilations of her interviews on press tours for said Hunger Games movies in middle school? Again, definitely! But the looks speak for themselves, and it doesn’t take a super fan to acknowledge the icon Jennifer has become. So let’s talk about her (and thank her publicist for calling Backgrid).


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