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Miley Cyrus Rocks on New Album 'Plastic Hearts'

Miley Cyrus is anything but fake on her new album Plastic Hearts, which dropped November 27. The fifteen-track work features multiple songwriters and artists, including Dua Lipa, Joann Jett, and Billy Idol.

We've watched Cyrus go through many phases to find herself — from Hannah Montana to twerking at the VMA's to her experimental album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz. Plastic Hearts, however, lets us know for sure that she's found her voice.

Cyrus' classic twang and country roots play out on this new piece, which screams with attitude. Her patented rasp naturally lends itself to this serrated, throwback sound of '80s rock. Cyrus conveys a jaunting and heartening honesty throughout her lyrics as she reflects on love, guilt, addiction and the business of breaking hearts. In a year shrouded by isolation, Plastic Hearts might just be the soundtrack that many enjoy on rides of shameless self-empowerment.

Opener "WTF Do I Know" succeeds in mixing raunchy guitars with neat production polish. "I’m completely naked but I’m making it fashion," Cyrus sings, nodding to the music video for "Wrecking Ball." "Maybe getting married just to cause a distraction." She continues her blunt messaging in "Gimme What I Want," which showcases a side of Cyrus that was previously only evident in her many, well-received rock covers. "I just need a lover," she sings atop a pulsing bass line. "So give me what I want / Or I’ll give it to myself."

“I was fucking born to make the record I’ve just released!” Cyrus wrote on Instagram on release day. We couldn't agree more. Listen to the album below and let us know what you think.



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