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Headrush "not my job"

Indie rock artist and producer Headrush, also known as Jack Warren, released a new single titled "not my job" on February 12, 2022.

Since beginning his solo project in 2019 from his basement on the South Shore of Massachusetts, Warren has released six singles, with each one revealing new depth within the evolving Headrush sound. His influences are rooted in punk, pop-punk, and '90s alternative music, giving his take on the indie genre a unique, grungy flair. For "not my job", Warren leans further into the alternative pop scene, citing The 1975 and ASTN as major inspirations.

"not my job" captures the frustration and heartbreak of one-sided attraction. From the start of the song, Warren serves as a reminder that a relationship without mutual respect and effort is not worth their time. Not only do the song's straightforward, authentic lyrics describe the artist's experience, but they also appeal to listeners' own feelings. Warren sings the blunt truth, rather than sugarcoating or dancing around the message with cryptic symbolism. The layered guitar parts bring a range of timbres to the single; a crisp, clean-toned track bolsters the foundational chord progressions, while a second guitar plays funkier rhythms and leads laced with classic indie rock effects (chorus, reverb, a twinge of distortion...). The uptempo drum beats and overall energy of "not my job" will have you nodding your head and tapping your feet, if not all-out dancing around the room.

Listen to "not my job" and keep up with the latest Headrush updates on IG. Let us know what you think.



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