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Katie Gregson-Macleod's 'Complex'

Seemingly overnight, Katie Gregson-Macleod’s unfinished song, “Complex,” became TikTok’s favorite song. After posting herself singing at the piano, Katie’s video was watched 7.8 million times. What is so enchanting about this song is the simplicity of the instrumentation (a piano and a single voice) contrasted with the complexity of the lyrics. The gut punching lyricism is what makes this song so universally appreciated. Lyrics like, “I need him like water // He thinks that I'm alright” are being reposted by millions of people.

Aside from her TikTok fame, Katie hails from the Scottish Highlands and is now one of BBC Scottland’s 25 Artists to Watch in 2022. With now nearly 2 million monthly listeners, Katie has skyrocketed into the indie singer-songwriter scene with full force.

Listen to “Complex” below:


~Kimi Carter, 2022


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