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What's New in Fashion: From Heaven to Juicy Couture

You're probably too busy during the week to keep track of what's new in fashion — so we've made it easy for you. We've curated a roundup of our 4 favorite recent moments for you to check out.

Kiko Kostadinov's heaven by MARC JACOBS Collaboration:

Kiko Kostadinov and heaven by MARC JACOBS have teamed up on a new 16-piece collection. Blending both brands' youthful themes, the collaboration is made in heaven. Featuring both accessories and clothing, the collaboration is full of pieces to put together a vibrant outfit.

Check out the full collection on the Kiko Kostadinov webstore.

Urban Sophistication's "Software Bag":

Yes, your favorite iphone accessory brand made a bag. The genderless Software Bag was released in space grey. Available in three sizes from mini to large, the bag is perfect for an everyday carry.

Collina Strada's Vans Collaboration:

An exciting announcement; NYC-based fashion brand Collina Strada linked up with Vans on a fun-filled footwear collection. According to HYPEBAE, the Collina Strada Founder and Creative Director Hillary Taymor revealed, “I grew up in Southern California and I’ve been wearing Vans my whole life. I wore Slip-Ons skateboarding on the pier and to the barn before putting on my boots, so it is such an honor to get to create a collection with the brand.”

Check out the full collection on February 10th via the Collina Strada webstore.

Juicy Couture and Aries' "Rhinestoned Cowboys Capsule":

You already know it's some good velour. The two brands launched a limited capsule featuring clothing items like bleached velour bodysuits and animal print velour sweatsuits. Along with clothing, the capsule features accessories like rhinestoned and bleached caps.

Check out the full collection on the Aries webstore.

Check back next week for another roundup on what's new in fashion.


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