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Is Haiden's "Wasted" the Next Sizzling Summer Sing-Along?

Rising 22-year old pop singer-songwriter Haiden released "Wasted" on June 24, 2022, following the massive success of the single and music video "Sorry to Your Next Ex". Both singles have been released ahead of Haiden's highly anticipated debut EP, Can't Hurt Me, set to be released in the spring.

Using his platform on social media, TikTok in particular, Haiden has steadily built a dedicated fanbase. "Sorry to Your Next Ex" currently has over three million streams on Spotify alone and so far, "Wasted" seems to be the artist's next hit.

Haiden shared: "this song is extra important to me because it highlights my biggest problem in relationships. I suck at setting boundaries and get lost in the other person's needs until I'm completely miserable. Hopefully people can relate to that vulnerability through catchy melodies!"



"Wasted" opens with a radio switching stations, a smooth segue into a similarly nostalgic-sounding guitar-and-vocals-only intro. The guitar tone embodies elements of acoustic playing and electric guitar effects, bringing subtle depth to the song right off the bat. A clean harmony leads the ear into the beat drop and main groove, which feels very bright and classic–true to the pop genre, but not tired or overdone.

The replacement of the cheery drums in the B-section with more ruminative synth and guitar tracks leads to more effective dynamic values and emotions. The drop into the chorus is a highlight of the song; the boosted bass makes "Wasted" a good tune to bump in the car or through headphones and gives it an extra punch of oomph.

Continuation of a soft guitar throughout some of the single's breaks and culminating moments gives it an easy-to-enjoy flow, and although we lose the actual radio sounds until the end of the song, it is almost as if the station has landed on "Wasted" and we're hearing it on FM. This is especially true of the broken-down chorus lead-in about two minutes into the track, which takes listeners back to stereo momentarily before reintroducing the rhythm section, synths, and effects in full force. The final seconds of "Wasted" come full circle, mirroring the radio static and mellow guitar of the intro. Instrumentally and in terms of song form, Haiden takes fans on a lively, whirlwind pop music adventure before bringing them back to the starting point with a new perspective. On the Intersect Magazine Scale of 1-10 for Sound, "Wasted" shines with an 8/10.


Although relatively straightforward, the lyrics of "Wasted" strike a familiar chord with listeners who have been caught in an unhealthy relationship. Haiden cuts the fluff and the bullshit and gets right to the point, but remains artful–a solid balance of honesty and cleverness.

All I have are regrets/ 'Cause according to you/ They don't love me like you do

The best way to describe Haiden's lyric-writing style is searingly candid. "Wasted"'s chorus conveys the doubt and discomfort of ditching toxic love, as well as its lingering effects. The use of the falsetto range in the melodies helps the vocals come off as more vulnerable and emotionally complex–as heartbreak laced with notes of anger, disillusionment, and the many other emotions that may follow. Thoughtful placement of backing vocals during key moments helps capture listeners' attention and prevents the song from becoming busy or dynamically flat. For lyrics and vocal melodies, "Wasted" receives a 7/10 on the Intersect Magazine Scale.


Haiden's penchant and passion for writing catchy, charismatic tunes and his love for his fans is clear with every chord progression, vocal run, and drum beat of "Wasted". His music is an ideal addition to any rising artist-focused playlist, bringing energetic realness at all times. With his debut EP on the horizon, Haiden is definitely an artist to watch out for in the future. If Can't Hurt Me is anything like "Wasted" and "Sorry to Your Next Ex", listeners can expect to feel every emotion in the record right alongside Haiden... and to have every chorus replaying in their heads and their hearts throughout the day. On the Intersect Magazine Scale for art behind the sound, this tune gets a 9/10.

As a whole, "Wasted" comes across as a sizzling summer sing-along, with memorable melodies and beat drops that hit just right. The single scores an 8/10 on Intersect's overall scale.

Check out "Wasted" below and follow Haiden on IG for the latest updates. Let us know what you think.



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