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Rising Artist Maty Noyes Releases Her Debut Album, 'The Feeling's Mutual'

Maty Noyes has released her full-length debut album, The Feeling’s Mutual.

"I hope that everybody finds something on this album they feel a special connection to – that reminds them we can all relate through similar experiences," Noyes said in a press release. "Every song is about a different stage of love. There’s every kind of emotion within love. And I felt them all when making the album. The collection spans multiple genres and is an embodiment of love, heartbreak, and everything in between."

Courtesy of Maty Noyes

Noyes has been making waves in the music industry since she was 17, when she collaborated with The Weeknd on "Angel" from the Grammy-winning album Beauty Behind the Madness. Shortly thereafter, she went double platinum writing and singing on Kygo’s Stay; and wrote for Celine Dion’s album Courage.

With her distinctive, sultry vocals, Noyes delivers a message of love and compassion, the through-line in all her music. "Like a lot of people in our country right now, I am feeling downtrodden and bossed around, told what to do," she says. "I want to make songs that show love can triumph over hate."

Listen to Noyes' debut album, The Feeling’s Mutual, below and let us know what you think!



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