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In Review: Alex G's "Immunity"

Alex Giannascoli’s, known as Alex G's newest album, “God Save the Animals” was released on September 23rd. Track 10 - "Immunity" was released on the album, and it is clearly a product of Alex's deeply creative mind.


The song begins with Alex G’s unique auto-tuned voice singing a melody over an intense piano. Alex gets very experimental on this track, playing with genres he has never toyed with previously. He includes strings later on in the track, building up the sound even more. The song is consistent instrumentally until the end of the track when Alex intensifies the piano, making the song extremely dissonant. The piano then blends into a synth, filling the listener's ears with an explosion of sound. This track may be off-putting to some due to the heavily auto-tuned vocals but ones who are into the experimental sounds of most hyper-pop artists would love it. The sound of this song gets an 8/10 rating on the Intersect Rating Scale.


Alex sings the memorable lyrics, “I have to put the cocaine in the vaccine, walk out of the doctor with immunity”. He is notorious for unclear lyrics and although these, in particular, may seem strange, they reflect a person's battle with drug addiction, as using the drug makes them feel invincible, almost as if they have “Immunity”. Alex G also zooms into themes of religion on this track saying, “Life of revelation catching up to me”. Here he speaks about the book of revelations from the bible, arguing that his drug addiction is morally starting to catch up to him. The symbolism in these lyrics grants Alex a 6/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale.


Alex G is a rare kind of artist that has so many inspirations that reflect in so many different ways in his art. Every single release for this project had a different vibe, and for this track specifically, it is obvious that Alex had inspirations from some modern hyper pop artists like Bladee and Ecco2k. Alex is more reserved on social media, as he very lightly promotes his music. It is clear to see that he makes music that he wants to make without pressure from fans or higher-ups. For the uniqueness of the song and Alex’s continued dedication to his craft, the art behind the song gets a 9/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale.

Alex G will always surprise fans with his newest endeavors. Overall this track gets a 7/10.

Alex G’s newest album, “God Save the Animals” featuring the song “Immunity” was released on September 23rd. Stream the track Immunity below.



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