Interview with Andrew Spalter: The Entrepreneur Connecting the Chinese and American Music Markets

Andrew Spalter is a talented entrepreneur who has successfully bridged the digital gap between the United States and China.

Spalter first realized the enormous divide between Eastern and Western entertainment industries while working with global pop sensation Jessie J in 2018.

The singer was featured on one of China's most popular competition shows, but did not yet have any social media platforms that were accessible to Chinese consumers. With his experience and understanding of Chinese consumer culture (as well as his determination), Spalter created his wildly successful company, East Goes Global.

Spalter and the company now develop social brands for many widely-known and beloved artists: Will Smith, Omar Apollo, Jessie J, Yungblud, and many more. East Goes Global has secured nearly 63M+ followers for its clients, despite the fact that the majority of the DSP and Social platforms used in America are banned in China.

Further connecting the Chinese and U.S. markets, Spalter recently partnered with to introduce one of the first NFT (non-fungible token) auctions to China.