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Dro Kenji's 'Eat Your Heart Out' Will For Sure Eat Your Heart Out

Dro Kenji is not your typical emerging rapper. The Internet Money and Mira Touch signee has already demonstrated his ability to add the perfect amount of pop flare to rap music, and the tracks on his newest project Eat Your Heart Out sound like an effortless compilation of ethereal sounds, in the best way possible. It is safe to say that Dro Kenji holds great potential to be one of the best in the game.


The sound on Eat Your Heart Out is honestly the highlight of the project. The beats vary from emo-rap sounds to pop sounds, to traditional rap rounds. On a song like 'When I'm Gone' we hear major melodic vibes that may remind some of an emo-rap sound. Similar to this is 'Kill Cupid' ft. $NOT. We hear a more pop-infused sound on songs like 'Money Shower' where the bass bumps and influences you to nod your head the entire song. We hear this pop-infused sound once again in 'Pink Paper Daisy' produced by popular rap producer Jetsonmade who is best known for his credits on Da Baby's 'Suge'. As a whole, all of the variations of sounds and the ability to execute these sounds so wonderfully is very present on Eat Your Heart Out. Some may credit the producers, especially being that Dro Kenji is signed to one of the biggest producer collectives Internet Money. However, Dro Kenji's flow and voice inflictions perfectly compliment the work of the producers. On the Intersect 1-10 rating scale, the sound of Eat Your Heart Out receives a 10/10,


Dro Kenji's flow is very fresh and shows a lot of potential to do big things in the industry. The closest similarity to Dro's sound would be of the late Juice WRLD. We are talking about a flow that tests the limits of genre categorizing, and floats fluidly between rap, alternative, and pop. One of the most special aspects of Dro Kenji's rapping on Eat Your Heart Out is his voice inflictions. He effortlessly emphasizes certain parts of each song. He does this so well and smoothly that unless you're really listening, it's hard to even notice. Although the voice inflictions are definitely the highlight of the rapping, Dro Kenji's lyrics and wordplay are present as well. On the Intersect 1-10 rating scale, the sound of Eat Your Heart Out receives a 9/10.


It is always very refreshing to hear an artist that can fluidly play with multiple genres and that has a sound that cannot be related to many. It is especially impressive to hear this at the beginning of an artist's career. There is a lot in store for Dro Kenji. On the Intersect 1-10 rating scale, the art behind the project of Eat Your Heart Out receives an 8/10.


Money Shower, Pink Paper Daisy, Kill Cupid


Useless Feelings, 4LIFE, Kill Cupid

The best thing about Eat Your Heart Out is that it will no doubt be a wake-up call to a lot of listeners. The project definitely put Dro Kenji on the map and is only the beginning of what he and the Mira Touch/Internet Money team have to come. As a whole, Eat Your Heart Out receives a 9/10 on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale. Listen to the project below.


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