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Finding Aurora is Back With Another Killer Single "Kickaround"

UK-based garage rock band Finding Aurora released their new single, "Kickaround," on July 9.

Shortly after the release of "Kickaround," the band's new single found its way onto official Spotify curated playlists All New Rock and Smells Like Stream Spirit, as well as various other user-curated lists. Media attention surrounding Finding Aurora continues to grow, and it's no wonder why.

In just three minutes and twenty-eight seconds, "Kickaround" will knock your socks off, or rather, rock them off. The song showcases the band's classic grunge rock sound and knack for writing incredibly catchy guitar riffs and vocal hooks. The vocal melodies of this grunge rock anthem are unforgettable, working hand-in-hand with the vivifying guitar and bass riffs which help tell the single's dystopian paradox of a story. The drum grooves and fills drive the song's energy, transforming the expressive verses into explosive choruses.

In a statement to Intersect Magazine, Finding Aurora frontman Samuel Wagenaar-Jenkins shared: "['Kickaround'] was written about being stuck in the same loop of thoughts, and failing to escape the same feelings no matter what... an episode from the Netflix series Black Mirror sort of inspired it."

The official "Kickaround" music video is both haunting and captivating: a monochromatic live performance. Finding Aurora takes us out of the global lockdown and straight into the Twilight Zone with this epic music video. The visualizer matches the energy of the song perfectly-- yet another reason to check the single out.

Listen to "Kickaround" now and let us know what you think.



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