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Get Down and Funky with CAPYAC's "Ooeeooeeoo"

Epic electro-fusion duo CAPYAC, with members Eric Peana (P. Sugz) and Delwin Campbell (Potion), are back and better than ever with their irresistibly groovy single "Ooeeooeeoo." The song was released on July 30, ahead of their second album, CAPYAC FOREVER.

"Ooeeooeeoo" is a futuristic flash of disco; between the majorly catchy vocal tracks and funky guitar riffs that dance up and down scales, it's impossible not to get down to the song. Although there are many highlights of the tune, the percussion and horn sections in particular stand out. Both elements of the track sit perfectly in the mix, coming in and out of the song to create the ultimate dynamic soundscape, and take on starring roles in the breakdown section.

Smooth falsetto moments in the catchy vocal performance capture listeners' attention, and the layered vocal tracks in the chorus give the section added depth and energy. "Ooeeooeeoo" is both new and nostalgic–a unforgettable modern dance take on the timeless disco sound.

Listen to CAPYAC's "Ooeeooeeoo" now and let us know what you think.



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