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Press Play: Ghostly Kisses Unveils Single "Keep It Real" from Upcoming Album

Montreal-based band Ghostly Kisses has unveiled their latest single, "Keep It Real," a captivating and haunting electropop experience. The track draws inspiration from the band's "Box of Secrets" initiative, where fans anonymously shared their most personal secrets.

Fred Gervais ©

The revelations from this initiative paint a global narrative of post-pandemic, postmodern pain, highlighting an intense and strange loneliness felt universally. Ghostly Kisses has synthesized these shared secrets into their upcoming sophomore album, Darkroom, set to release on May 17th, promising a mesmerizing exploration of our inner monologues.

Lead singer Margaux Sauvé emphasizes the significance of "Keep It Real" within the album, stating, "It stands out for us as the darkest and one of the most impactful tracks on the album. It was inspired by the narratives shared in the Box of Secrets, where individuals wrestled with deciphering the thoughts of others and sought to shed light on complex situations."

"Keep It Real" is a compelling precursor to Darkroom, offering a glimpse into the album's thematic depth and emotional intensity. Ghostly Kisses invites listeners to join them on this musical journey, delving into the complexities of human experience with a backdrop of hauntingly beautiful electropop.

Listen to the single now below.


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