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Press Play: Nectar Woode Releases Debut EP "Nothing To Lose"

East London rising talent Nectar Woode, a 24-year-old singer-songwriter, has unveiled her highly anticipated debut EP, "Nothing To Lose." The EP, available today via Communion, showcases Nectar's soulful vocals and undeniable musicality, marking her entry into the music scene with a five-track offering.

Jelani Pomell ©

Featuring previously released singles "Good Vibrations," "God Talks Back," and "Nothing To Lose," along with two brand new tracks, the EP captures Nectar's unique style and musical prowess. Nectar's honeyed vocals take center stage, creating an immersive experience for listeners as they delve into her world of heartfelt songwriting and soulful delivery.

In a recent statement, Nectar shared her thoughts on the journey leading up to this release, stating, “The journey to finding my own voice has been difficult at times, it had me in a dark place for a while. I found that it was the little moments of sunshine and happiness that would help me through. While writing, I had a self-discovery to change my narrative for the better and to work on all aspects of myself. I stripped life back to the basics, going outside more to interact with new people whilst spreading positivity (that one moment of sunshine in your day) and encouraging others to do the same.”

The "Nothing To Lose" EP invites listeners to immerse themselves in Nectar's musical world, where each track is a testament to her growth and self-discovery.

Listen to the full EP below.


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