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Pomme: Live at the Teragram Ballroom

Rapidly rising French singer-songwriter Pomme, also known as Claire Pommet, performed her first ever Los Angeles and New York (sold out) shows on December 12, 2022 and December 14, 2022, respectively.

Photo courtesy of Lian Benoit

Known for her mature lyricism, effortlessly smooth vocals, and tasteful instrumentals, Pomme delivered a setlist of fan favorites both from her recent 2022 album consolation and from older bodies of work:



je sais pas danser

les séquoias

when I c u

White Christmas

On brûlera


very bad

soleil soleil

Ceux qui rêvent


Pomme's live Los Angeles show at the Teragram Ballroom took her already-calming studio recording sound to the next level. The singer-songwriter enchanted the crowd with her solo performance, using only a synthesizer, an acoustic guitar, or a harp to accompany herself for each song. The ultra-satisfying acoustic guitar picking patterns of "je sais pas danser" scratch a sonic itch in listeners' ears and brains. The stripped-down nature of the track's live acoustic arrangement pulls additional focus to its euphonious vocal melodies.

While "je sais pas danser" brought an upbeat energy, "when I c u" set a slower, more wistful tone. A hymn for the hopeless romantics, the tune exudes a mixture of authenticity, longing, and nostalgia unlike any other song. Pomme receives a 9/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale for Sound in a Live Performance.


Given that Pomme was born and raised in Lyon, it's no surprise that she sings the majority of her lyrics in French. For her American tour dates, however, she performed English-language versions of a number of the songs. This adjustment made lyrics more accessible for English-speaking fans but also altered the listening experience for French-speaking audience members (some of whom may have been expecting the songs in their recorded language). Nonetheless, the shift in language reveals Pomme's intentionality in preparing for each show and her consideration for each unique audience.

Lyrically, "very bad" stood out as a highlight of her Los Angeles setlist. Written and recorded in English, the song's wry and forthright vocal content drew out playful personality and authentic energy at the Teragram Ballroom.

Now I have more money than you do//does it make you feel like you failed?//I recall the last time I saw you//you looked very bad

The bittersweet "puppy" recalls the joy of time spent with a canine companion, as well as the sorrow of eventually saying goodbye. The track is short but sweet–wholesome yet tinged in sadness. "puppy" demonstrates the vulnerability of the Pomme sound overall.

Despite feeling under the weather, Pomme approached her situation with humor and grace. Armed with both hot tea and banter to battle her sore throat, the artist's vocal performance exceeded expectations and incorporated audience participation during select choruses. Pomme earns an 8.75/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale for Lyrics in a Live Performance.

Photo courtesy of Julia Kai Fink via Intersect Magazine


Oftentimes, minimalism is equated with dullness. This assumption could not be further from the truth in the instance of Pomme's Teragram Ballroom performance. The singer-songwriter took advantage of the overall quietness of her set, using the surrounding silence to capture the rapt attention of the entire crowd and fill the space in an impactful way. To command the energy of such a large, packed room is no easy feat, yet Pomme did so with a natural poise possessed by few other artists.

Her soft-spoken yet witty disposition and subtle charisma had the audience hanging onto every word and note. The earnest, evocative performance and entertaining personal anecdotes entranced everyone; there was an almost-tangible appreciation for the present moment amongst fans in the ballroom. Summed up in just three words, Pomme's live show was a calming carpe diem. For Presence and Art Behind the Performance, Pomme receives a 10/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale.

As a whole, Pomme delivered a stand-out set at the Teragram Ballroom, earning a total rating of 9.5/10 on the Intersect Live Music Scale. Check out some of her music below.



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