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Press Play: Lana Del Rey and Quavo Release Single "Tough"

After garnering a staggering 40 million views on Instagram reels with a tantalizing teaser, GRAMMY®-nominated artists Lana Del Rey and Quavo have officially released their highly-anticipated new single, “Tough.” The single, available via Capitol/Interscope/Polydor, is accompanied by a mesmerizing video directed by Wyatt Spain Winfrey.

Wyatt Spain Winfrey ©

The video for “Tough” is a striking fusion of musical styles, allowing both superstars to fearlessly explore each other’s realms and showcase their indomitable spirits. Set against a rural backdrop, the visual narrative depicts Quavo and Lana as intrepid companions, undaunted by life’s trials. Quavo, with his shotgun, and Lana, with her guitar, symbolize their unwavering strength despite their contrasting origins.


he song's catchy country-trap hook resonates with resilience and grit: "Tough like the scuff on a pair of old leather boots/Like the blue-collar, red-dirt attitude/Like a .38 made out of brass/Tough like the stuff on your grandpa's glass."

The teaser for "Tough" went extremely viral. The buzz intensified when Quavo and Lana performed the song together at Lana's headlining show at Fenway Park in Boston. The Instagram reel of the teaser became the most viewed of all time for Quavo and the second largest for Lana, further fueling the anticipation for the full release.

Listen to "Tough" below.


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