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Pure Beauty is the Cannabis Brand for the Stylish and Eco-Conscious Smoker

Founded by Imelda Walavalker and Tracy Anderson, Pure Beauty is a captivating cannabis brand that has stylish and eco-conscious smokers in a chokehold. Due to its unique aesthetic, Pure Beauty effortlessly captures buyers' attention on the shelves at dispensaries. We spoke with the Pure Beauty team about their journey, branding, and environmental impact.

Describe Pure Beauty in 3 words.

Minimal, Subversive, Playful

How did the Pure Beauty brand come about?

Pure Beauty was born very simply from a deep love of weed; at the time we launched, we did not feel there was anything in the market addressing cannabis and the culture surrounding it the way we saw it. Pure Beauty was created to celebrate the things about cannabis that touch on culture, like art, music, fashion, social justice, etc. We started and grew it organically; we were entirely self-financed and grassroots in our approach. This is important for us to note because we pride ourselves on the fact that we are not corporate; we have a diverse team and incredibly unique and quality products. You can feel the energy and love from the moment you engage with us to when you are high from our lovingly grown flower.

What are your best-selling products?

Our 10-pack of baby joints. They are 100% whole indoor flower and perfect in every way, from the size to the grind, the paper, and the strains we use. And they are pretty and potent.

How did you guys develop such a unique aesthetic?

Our aesthetic is rooted in the connection between cannabis and culture/humanity. We are all looking for meaning in life, and that is why we care so much about art and music — it takes you out of your everyday life and helps you feel inspired, understood, or less alone. That is what cannabis also does for you. Our brand and all of its manifestations strive to achieve this perspective shift. Even if you are not a weed consumer, you can still connect to that universal desire to think and feel.

Talk about your partnerships with brands like Palm Angels — why are these culturally-relevant

partnerships important to the team?

From inception and in conception we have always felt Pure Beauty is more than just a weed brand and that a weed brand can be about more than just smoking weed. So fashion is a way of expressing this, as both are about self-expression and inspiring people to think differently. What's always surprising to us, perhaps because we are living in a weed bubble, is how many industries, fashion included, are scared to touch weed. So part of why these partnerships are so important to us is they introduce us to new audiences and help normalize this beautiful plant. This normalization is crucial to combating the stigma associated with cannabis and ultimately ending the unjust and racist war on drugs.

We hear Pure Beauty is an eco-conscious grower — talk about the importance of that.

We are. One of the most. Many people do not realize how water-intensive cannabis is– Our cultivation process is (99%) water and energy independent with the goal of attaining an entirely closed-loop system. The water used for our plants is recycled via air handlers, which means each plant uses up to 99% less water than other grows including indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse. While a traditional grow uses 250-650 gallons of water per plant in its life cycle, the only tap we use in our grow is for power washing our water barrels. With this system, we save over a million gallons of water a year and create no harmful runoff to upset the surrounding ecosystem. In addition to water conservation, we do not use traditional electricity from a utility company and use powerful microturbines to generate our own power. This energy is then captured and used to power our HVAC system, meaning no extra power is needed to run the cooling system in our cultivation facility. Our overall carbon footprint is a small fraction of your average indoor grow, and we are still working towards reducing this to zero. We use as little material as possible in our packaging and have spent two years

creating the first plant starch, cannabis-compliant mylar, that is industrially compostable. We’re very proud of this! Our soil is donated to local community gardens, and our rubber gloves are collected and turned into park benches.

Where can the stylish smoker purchase Pure Beauty?

We are available across multiple retailers in California and Michigan– soon to be expanding into other markets. In California, delivery is available in select areas at You can also visit to find a dispensary nearby.

Pure Beauty

Keep up with Pure Beauty on Instagram @purebeautypurebeauty.


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