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'Strung with Everything': The latest single from Animal Collective

Animal Collective, an American experimental pop band, debuts their single "Strung With Everything" from the forthcoming album 'Time Skiffs' out 4 February 2022. In anticipation of their first album in NEARLY six years, "Strung with Everything" does not disappoint.



"Strung with Everything" is a bright, whimsical psychedelic rock tune waiting to explode. Animal Collective's use of sampling found in nature adds a slight ring to their Feels album. Mixed sweetly with the eery sounds of a sitar, fans are thrust into the psychedelic textures introduced within the first 2 minutes. Avey Tare's and Panda Bear's harmonious vocal layering adds another texture and complexity into the song bringing forth emotions of being a carefree youth. Vocal harmonies and vocal growls bring our inner child out and remind us we do not always have to be placed within a box and to live life before each day fades. Animal Collective has once again shown us why they are experimental. With this, on the Intersect Rating Scale of 1-10, the sound on "Strung with Everything" is an 8.5/10.


As with songs, having great sound can not be enough, lyrics are just as important! Animal Collective does not disappoint with its great usage of personification and hyperboles illustrating a moving and alive world as two people are watching it fall apart together:

"We'll watch the sky fall into pieces/ And for a moment imagine strings/ Holding the trees from falling down/ You know I would not be afraid/ With your head against my shoulder/ And even though all hearts are strange/ We're all strung with everything"

Animal Collective's continued craft of being able to illustrate with vivid lyrics a world within our own minds. As we can imagine strings holding the trees, I would like to rest my head with someone watching the world fall apart. Since even if the world is falling apart, we are connected, aka strung with everything. Given the nature of these Lyrics, on the Intersect Rating Scale of 1-10, the lyrics on "Strung with Everything" gets an 8.8/10


Animal Collective's continued efforts to push the boundaries of experimental and ambient music are shown in every collection of music. From the powerful use of vocal harmonies and samples to whimsical lyrics that spark our inner child, they have challenged the status quo of music and have created something that is not just experimental, but catchy to an audience of all kinds. Given the music video that was released as well, we see the intricate and elaborate work the band has given to create not just audibly a sound song, but visually a story to complement it. On the Intersect Magazine scale of 1-10, the art behind "Strung with Everything" receives a 9/10.

Overall, "Strung with Everything" pairs our senses of sight and hearing to create a whimsical psychedelic that pushes on creative endeavors. With that on the Intersect scale of 1-10, "Strung with Everything" overall receives an 8.8/10.

The album, Time Skiffs, with the track, "Strung with Everything", is out on 02/04! Pre-save and pre-order here.


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