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Tassia Reis' "Passion Fruit" is the Sweetest Single of 2020

Brazilian R&B artist Tassia Reis recently released her single "Passion Fruit" in collaboration with singer Hazel Rose. The single radiates bad-bitch energy with its skillful, fun verses and catchy hook, and is partially in Portuguese, giving the song Reis' distinctive dynamism.

Despite being created in the midst of a global pandemic, the music video for "Passion Fruit" is extremely innovative and charming, capturing the energy of the song perfectly. The video opens with a series of shots of women passing fruit to each other on different screens, both a nod to the title of the track and an acknowledgement of the isolated, chaotic state of the world right now. The rest of the video features Reis and Rose dancing and singing along to the single in various locations, along with some of their friends, giving off a feel-good vibe and making listeners want to dance along from home.

Listen to "Passion Fruit" below, watch the video, and let us know what you think.



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