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The Essence of Ashe And Her New Single

Photo By Ashe on Spotify

Long blonde hair, a beautiful voice, and a great sense of fashion are just some ways to describe the singer Ashe. You probably know her from “Moral of the Story”, her biggest song, which was released in 2019 and blew up on Tik Tok. During the height of quarantine in 2020, the artist also came out with a new version, featuring Niall Horan. A dream come true, the song gained millions of streams and has landed her in a spot she never thought she would be. Her new single, “Another Man’s Jeans” is in the running to be one of the catchiest songs of the spring and has already surpassed one million streams with it being out for only a few days

Being such a genuine artist, Ashe’s music and personality resonates with fans across the country and around the world. Her journey in music was unexpected but that’s what makes her songs so addicting, her emotions shine through every track. On social media, she is very transparent about what is going on in her life and how that translates into writing her songs and albums. “Moral of the Story” is lyrically stunning and captures how Ashe felt about a previous relationship that ended in divorce. It is a vulnerable song that leaves the listener on an emotional rollercoaster of their own. She has also proven how talented she is through her collaboration with singer/producer Finneas.

The song “Till Forever Falls Apart” is also on her 2021 album Ashlyn. It talks about having a connection with someone who you can’t see ever being without. These two songs specifically deal with the ups and downs of being in love with another person. Now, she is taking a different approach.

When fans heard “Another Man’s Jeans” for the first time, it was through a sample on Tik Tok leaked by Ashe herself. The singer used this marketing technique just like other popular artists and promised she would release the song if it got a certain amount of pre saves. Not expecting the rave reviews from fans, Ashe was excited and shocked about the response.

She finally put it out on March 3rd. The song feels like one you should sing with the girls and for the girls, with a backtrack that feels like a live jazz concert and a bridge you can scream as loud as you can. The music video, filmed in Mexico, adds the perfect visuals to the song with bright scenery and costuming. Overall, you can sense that Ashe was having the time of her life going into this new era. More content and music from her hopefully will be coming soon. Listen to “Another Man’s Jeans” below!


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