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This Week's Must-Listen Releases: From Drake to Tems

Stream this week's must-listen releases, hand-picked by our editors.

Drake's For All The Dogs

Drake releases his long-awaited eighth studio album, For All The Dogs, today. The album spans 23 tracks where the rapper gives us some staple songs for his discography such as “Tried Our Best” and “Away From Home.” But Drake also throws in some entirely new sounding tracks like “Gently (feat. Bad Bunny)” and “What Would Pluto Do” that show the rapper's versatility and gives listeners a ranging soundscape. A personal highlight for this album for me was listening to Drake’s comedic takes on heartbreak; this was particularly prevalent in track 18’s “BBL Love,” where he sings, “They say love’s like a BBL/ You won’t know if it’s real until you feel one.” For Drake fans and curious rap listeners, give this album a listen if for nothing but the two wonderful SZA features.

Sufjan Stevens' Javelin

Detroit’s most heart-wrenching singer-songwriter, Sufjan Stevens, is back with a gut-wrenchingly nostalgic and sweet-sounding 13th studio album, Javelin. Featuring Stevens' signature warbling vocal style and acoustic genius, Javelin is reflective, healing, and heartbreaking in all the best ways. For lovers of quiet contemplation and having musically cathartic experiences, I recommend you listen to “Shit Talk,” “Goodbye Evergreen,” and “So You Are Tired” this weekend. Everyone say: “Thank you, Sufjan Stevens,” for the beautiful whirlwind of emotional wreckage he has caused with Javelin.

Renao's "JASMINE"

UK-based R&B rising star Renao released his long-awaited single “JASMINE” this week. After the singer-songwriter uploaded a short recording of himself plucking enchanting chords in his bedroom and singing this memorable ballad on TikTok, he garnered major traction on the platform that had viewers begging for the release of this single. Featuring a catchy hook and echoing and evocative vocals, Renao captures your heart instantly. Moving seamlessly between belting his heart out, pleading, “Oh, Jasmine/ I’ve heard it all before/ You scattered my brain that night” to setting the scene to a pulsing beat as he sings, “You were screaming your number off the rooftop.” This track is nothing short of hypnotizing, addicting, and heavenly.

Abby Sage's "Milk"

Moody, sultry, and absolutely exquisite Abby Sage’s latest release, “Milk” will have you grooving along instantly. With heavenly harmonies, memorable bass lines and transcendent strings Sage creates a mesmerizing soundscape. There is an ineffable addictive quality to this song that will have you listening to it on repeat without even realizing it’s been looping for an hour. For lovers of Mazzy Star and Suki Waterhouse I direct you to Abby Sage’s “Milk” for all of your lush listening needs.

Tems' "Me & You"

Tems releases the latest addition to her stellar discography with her stunning single “Me & You.” Featuring soft afrobeats and soulful vocals, Tems has you charmed and captivated for all 3 minutes and 12 seconds of her lovesick single. “Make me your person” and “Give me something I'm lacking/ I don't need nothing, you are my everything,” the singer asks her lover before spiraling into the repeating chorus, “Only me and you,” truly painting listeners a picture of her deep adoration for this person. Add a new song to your partner’s playlist this weekend with Tems’ “Me & You.”

Check back next week for more must-listens.


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