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In Review: Cage the Elephant's "Neon Pill"

A moment that every alternative, rock, and indie listener has been heavily anticipating has finally come to fruition. After a long five years since their last release of Social Cues in 2019, the band is once again breaking into the music industry with full force. The birth of their newest era is among us, and “Neon Pill” is just the beginning; a glimpse, you might call it, into what we can expect from the icons of indie music in the coming year. 


Not only is Cage the Elephant embracing their homecoming, but they’re also making sure that their fans don’t lose sight of what matters: their sound has always been and always will be a classic. Embellished with vocals of electricity supplied by the band’s very own Matt Schultz, the 3-minute track awakens a feeling of nostalgia for the many beauties of the past. “Neon Pill”’s striking demeanor and symmetrical beats pay homage to the sounds of the early 2010s, determined to remind us that the band never fails to deliver what they know they deliver best. Their latest song shows many similarities to the ballads of Social Cues, embracing the matchless, classic sound they have proven time and time again, is indeed here to stay. 


“Neon Pill” emulates the raw essence of return, a phenomenon where no matter what you do or how hard you try, there resides fascination at such a depth that you just can’t help but come back for another taste. United with striking lyrics and a feverish tune, Cage the Elephant’s newest addition to their discography embraces the push-and-pull instances that transpire within the walls of our heart vessels. The lush anthem opens unapologetically, “It takes one to know one// Back at it again// Birds of a feather// Until the end// Stitched, patched up and sewed in// I'll probably see you again// Most certain it's likely// Around, no doubt, my friend,” signaling towards an addiction that is fated to meet once again. Like always, though, Cage the Elephant is lacing their ballads of static with authentic declarations of truth on matters of love. 


Although the band has faced scrutiny over the last few years, it seems they won’t ever shy away from the original ambiance that’s always resided in their music. Perhaps their break from music has ignited a reconciliation of their present selves with who they once were, inspiring a sound that makes us ever-so-nostalgic of where we found ourselves a decade ago. Cage the Elephant is returning to awaken the youth and glory that we can never lose.  

The newest reincarnation of Cage the Elephant gets a 7/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale. 

Stream “Neon Pill” below. 


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