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Canada Goose and KidSuper Tease Exclusive NBA Collection

Unveiled at KidSuper's FW24 Paris Fashion Week show.

Canada Goose and KidSuper have revealed an exclusive four-piece collection during KidSuper's Paris Fashion Week show on January 20, 2024. This collaboration is part of Canada Goose's ongoing partnership with the NBA, blending fashion, sports, and artistic design.

The collection includes the Reversible Fleece Jacket, Reversible Puffer Vest, reimagined Crofton Puffer Jacket, and Jacquard Toque. Designed by Colm Dillane, the pieces seamlessly integrate KidSuper's style with Canada Goose's performance-oriented approach.

KidSuper/Francesc Ten ©

Colm Dillane's original artwork features prominently in the collection. 'Purple Crowd' captures the excitement of NBA All-Star 2024 with an abstract depiction of fans in a stadium. 'Landscape' showcases snowy mountain peaks, embodying Canada Goose's 'Live in the Open' ethos. Both pieces incorporate co-branding from Canada Goose and KidSuper.

The runway show also highlighted Canada Goose's existing footwear, including the Crofton Puffer Boot, Cypress Puffer Boot, Journey Boot Lite, and Crofton and Cypress Mules.

The Canada Goose & NBA Collection with KidSuper is set to be available this Spring in Canada Goose stores and on


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