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Beauty Guru Fara Homidi Launched a Beauty Brand That Puts Quality Over Quantity

You may not be familiar with the name Fara Homidi, but chances are you have already encountered her exceptional work. As the mastermind behind some of the fashion industry's most captivating makeup looks, Homidi has beautified models strutting down the runway for highly acclaimed labels such as Miu Miu, Eckhaus Latta, and Coperni. In case you need a reminder, she was also the makeup artist behind Bella Hadid's unforgettable appearance at Coperni's SS23 show.

Leveraging her vast experience in the beauty industry, Fara Homidi has embarked on an exhilarating new venture by introducing her own cosmetics brand, which offers a range of exquisitely crafted and distinctive products. The brand's debut collection is exclusively dedicated to lip makeup, and features a selection of four alluring shades of Essential Lip Compacts, six shades of Smudge & Contour Lip Pencils, and a single portable precision Lip Brush. We spoke with Homidi about the brand's origins, its emphasis on slow beauty, and its philanthropic endeavors.

Fara Homidi Beauty

Since you started your brand as a well-established professional, what gaps did you see in the beauty industry that you wanted to fill?

I felt that no brand combined clean beauty with artistry-forward formulations and elevated design. I also couldn’t find any luxury cosmetics that I felt were considerate of complexion- in a way that would speak to how my friends and I looked. We are a diverse bunch from all over the world. Leading the makeup on runways, campaigns, and editorials, I’m fortunate to work with many incredible models with different skin tones. I am leveraging that access to develop the Fara Homidi shades and textures in order to inform and perfect my products. The functionality of your products insinuates that you create your own dream products to use. Is this accurate?

I absolutely create my dream products. They are unlike anything out there! I decided early on that I wanted everything custom, from primary packaging to formulation, down to every small detail of the products, branding, and imagery. I create product combinations that I feel are missing from my makeup bag and textures I could only dream of! Most of the time, the labs tell me they can’t create the textures I ask for because they are so innovative, especially for clean formulas; the technology hadn’t existed until I pushed the labs to go try things that they didn’t believe were possible! I have also gone to great lengths to make refillable packaging that looks beautiful so that I can change the conversation about refillable beauty. With my products, you don’t have to compromise desirability!

Fara Homidi Beauty

Explain the concept of "slow beauty." What does this mean, and how do you incorporate it into the brand?

Slow beauty at Fara Homidi is creating enduring and design-driven products from formulation to packaging made with thoughtfully sourced and timeless materials. I don’t put anything out until I feel it’s the best product it could be and deserves to exist in the world because it offers something new and something better than what’s out there. Your first drop was a lip collection — why did you focus on lips first?

I’m personally a huge mouth watcher. I think mouths are sexy and so emotive, sometimes even more than the eyes. I love the quirks in mouths- the way a smile can be crooked or teeth that have character. I wanted to empower these idiosyncrasies that are honest. I also love how lip color can instantly brighten a face or tell a story about what kind of mood you’re in. Red lips can be strong or sexy; nude lips can be shy or sultry.

Fara Homidi Beauty

Talk about the Lip Studies feature on your site. What was the idea behind that?

Part of what I mentioned previously about how I love the honesty and the character of lips. If you notice, the lip images show true lip texture, real un-retouched teeth, and even peach fuzz around the lips. I wanted to show how the lip colors translate on different skin tones to help make shade choice easier, but I also wanted to show lips showing different emotions in a beautifully authentic display and celebration of diverse complexion.

How do you want your customers to feel when they apply your products?

I want my customers to feel sheer joy and that they are treating themselves every time they use the products, especially when they take the time to look in the mirror and feel the delicious textures. The smooth contours of the compact, a weighty feel, and the optimistic Fara Homidi blue color all contribute to the object itself having good energy.

Talk about your partnership with 1% for the Planet. Why was it important for you guys to donate 1% of revenue to the Central Asia Institute?

I think 1% for the Planet is a genius and a trusted way to give back to the earth and the environment. For me, it is super important that my future success could, in some way, contribute to a bigger cause. Central Asia Institute holds a big place in my heart! CAI is a nonprofit that develops education in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan, with a particular focus on girls and young women in Afghanistan during this time of exceptional need. My family was sponsored from Afghanistan to the US by a lovely family in Bozeman, Montana. That same family introduced me to Alice Thomas, who heads CAI, and we had been working together before the beauty line was born. When I brought the idea of contributing some of my beauty business’ proceeds to Alice, she let me know that they had just been included as a 1% for the planet-approved nonprofit. Everything lined up perfectly, and it felt so true and authentic for the brand.

Fara Homidi Beauty

Shop Fara Homidi Beauty products via the webstore. Keep up with them via Instagram @farahomidibeauty.


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