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Glossier And Starface Are A Match Made In Heaven

Wake up, the collab of our dreams is here.

It doesn't get much cuter than this. In a dreamy collaboration, Gen Z acne care brand Starface and cult-favorite Glossier have joined forces to release an exclusive collection of pimple patches. The limited-edition collaboration is scheduled to launch on December 5th, marking the first-ever partnership between Starface and another beauty/skincare brand.

Both Glossier and Starface are renowned for their dedication to promoting confidence and individuality, making this collaboration overwhelmingly authentic. The two brands have reimagined Glossier's iconic sticker sheets using Starface's award-winning hydrocolloid formula, resulting in a series of cute and collectible pimple patches aimed at adding a touch of fun to skincare routines. Yes, we know, this is quite literally a match made in heaven.

The Glossier x Starface collection comprises two SKUs: a pink, mirrored compact filled with 32 patches priced at $19 and a separate refill pack available for $15. The patches, crafted with 100% hydrocolloid to absorb fluid and minimize spots, showcase seven highly requested and nostalgic designs from Glossier's original sticker sheets.

On December 5th, you can shop this collaboration on and, but try not to sleep on it because the collection is available only while supplies last. Whether you're replenishing your compact or sharing the skincare joy with a friend, the Glossier x Starface collection promises a playful and effective solution to skincare woes.


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