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Ice Spice Rides Steady In Alexander Wang Spring 2024 Campaign

Exuding power, edge, and confidence.

Alexander Wang tapped the undeniable it-girl Ice Spice to front their Spring 2024 collection campaign. Ice Spice, the multi-talented and globally acclaimed rapper, not only brings chart-topping hits to the table but also infuses the campaign with her exceptional style, setting the stage for a collection that is as bold and dynamic as the city that never sleeps.

As proud New York natives, both Ice Spice and Alexander Wang draw inspiration from the pulsating energy of the city's culture, shaping their distinct perspectives on fashion. The Spring 2024 collection, named Nocturna, is a testament to their shared affinity for the vibrant and diverse elements that define NYC life.

Ice Spice takes on the role of the face of the campaign, embodying the powerful and strong alpha wang woman that the collection seeks to celebrate. Within the campaign visuals, she effortlessly showcases the brand's staple ready-to-wear pieces, including leather, hotfix denim, and the latest offerings from the Dome program, highlighting the versatility and edginess of the Nocturna collection.

Alexander Wang himself expressed his admiration for Ice Spice's undeniable impact, stating, "Ice Spice is such a powerhouse, a cultural touchstone, and a breath of fresh air. Her unapologetic energy magnifies the sharp and austere sensuality of Spring 2024 and leans into our brand codes on a deeper level."

In response, Ice Spice shared her enthusiasm for being part of such a bold and global campaign, stating, "As an artist, I'm always challenging myself on how I can contribute to culture in a way that drives things forward, and alexanderwang is a great vehicle for that with this incredibly bold and global campaign."

The collaboration between Ice Spice and Alexander Wang is more than just a fashion campaign; it's a fusion of artistic expression and cultural resonance. The Nocturna collection comes to life through the lens of these two influential figures, creating a visual and sonic experience that pushes the boundaries of what a fashion campaign can achieve. Explore the full collection now on the Alexander Wang webstore.


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