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Live at Citizen's House of Blues: Jessie Murph

At Citizen's House of Blues, Jessie Murph showcased her fusion of edgy punk-pop and country influences. Hailing from the vibrant music hub of Nashville, Tennessee, Murph is a talented American singer and songwriter. Her journey to stardom took a unique path when she captured audiences' attention by sharing vlogs and covers on both TikTok and YouTube. In 2021, her undeniable talent earned her a record deal with the renowned Columbia Records, marking a significant milestone in her career. As she stepped onto the music scene, she introduced her debut single, "Upgrade." Notably, her enchanting track "Pray" made waves nationwide, securing the No. 66 spot on the UK charts on March 3, 2022.

Her musical roots are deeply embedded in the country genre, but she also harbors a deep love for hip-hop. She began crafting and recording her songs in her own bedroom, and now she's ready to take these intimate bedroom creations to the stage.


Cowboys And Angels About You While You're at It Mean It Drunk in the Bathtub Sobriety Look Who's Cryin' Now I Would've Needed Me Pray What Happened to Ryan If I Died Last Night Back to Black How Could You Wildflowers and Wine Always Been You Someone Like You Dirty Texas (feat. Maren Morris) Burn Up In The Where Do You Go Wild Ones (feat. Jelly Roll) (Extended Version) Heartbroken - Jessie Version Upgrade


Jessie Murph's electrifying performance at the House of Blues in Boston elevated her studio-crafted sound to new heights, leaving the audience spellbound. Her live vocals faithfully mirrored the studio renditions of her songs, yet they were infused with distinct interpretations and arrangements that added a fresh layer of artistry.

The fusion of edgy country and subtle dark pop elements was a distinctive sonic experience in a live setting, and Murph managed to bridge these genres in a way that breathed new life into the music scene.

A standout moment of the evening that resonated with the audience was the performance of "Pray." Murph's vocals during this rendition were exceptional, making this song an unforgettable night highlight. Her singing was not just a performance; it was an emotional journey that left a lasting impact on everyone in attendance. The lyrics of "Pray" further underscore the power and depth of this performance.

With poignant and introspective verses, the song delves into themes of self-discovery, resilience, and the inner strength required to navigate life's challenges. As Murph sang these heartfelt words, she created an atmosphere transcending the usual concert experience. The audience wasn't just listening; they connected with the raw and honest emotions conveyed through the music.

Given the dynamic versatility of Jessie Murph’s' live show, it's no surprise that she received an impressive 8/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale for Sound in a Live Performance, cementing her reputation as a rising pop-country icon.


Murph's lyrical prowess combines the best of both worlds, fusing dynamic pop elements with her classic country roots. It's a testament to her versatility and deep appreciation for musical traditions’ rich tapestry.

In her lyricism, you can trace the influences of classic country storytelling, where narrative depth and raw emotion take center stage. Her ability to craft vivid and relatable stories in her songs is a nod to the storytelling tradition that has shaped country music for generations. Yet, Murph’s lyrics also introduce a contemporary twist, infusing her narratives with a modern, dynamic edge that speaks to the present.

This blending of genres is where Murph truly shines. She effortlessly traverses between the time-honored country traditions and the ever-evolving landscape of pop music, creating a sound that is uniquely hers. It's not merely a fusion of genres; it's a celebration of the intersections, where the old meets the new, and the result is a musical experience that resonates with a wide range of listeners.

By marrying dynamic dark pop elements with her classic country roots in her lyrics, Murph brings a fresh and innovative perspective to the music scene. Her ability to bridge these two musical worlds invites audiences to appreciate the beauty of genre diversity and the boundless creativity it can unleash in the hands of a talented artist like her. As she continues to evolve her sound, Murph's lyrical skills are set to be a defining feature of her enduring musical journey.

During "Cowboys and Angels," the lyrics are deeply emotional and poignant, delving into love, longing, and nostalgia themes. When performed live, these lyrics take on an added layer of raw, unfiltered emotion. Jessie Murph's heartfelt delivery and the audience's energy and response intensify the emotional connection between the artist and her fans. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of love, loss, and the passage of time, akin to a classic country ballad. Live, this storytelling quality becomes even more immersive, as the artist can sing the words and convey the story's depth through vocal nuances and stage presence.


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