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Q&A With Modern Original: New Music, Influences, and Favorite Tracks

Modern Original is the latest project by The Mowgli's bandmates Josh Hogan (guitar/vocals) and Andy Warren (drums).

Photo by Cortney Armitage

Even a global pandemic couldn't keep this duo from writing together; Modern Original came together during the chaos of 2020 to highlight the roller coaster of events and emotions from the past year. With songs ranging from surf rock to pop, and everything in between, Modern Original is optimistic and authentic–just what we need right now. Fans of Glass Animals, Tame Impala, and Fitz will love Modern Original.

The pair released their self-titled EP (Modern Original) on August 20. The four-track release is a whirlwind of positivity, sun-soaked melodies, and danceable beats.

The EP starts with a bang; "Turn It Around" captures Modern Original's signature sound and intentions flawlessly. The chorus melody of "I'm an Alien" is sure to have you singing the song for the entire day, and the song's lyrical content is both clever and relatable. "Hurricane" is a dynamic choice for the EP, with a plethora of electronic elements giving the song a more pop-oriented feel. Like each of the other tracks, the song is a feel-good moment in a world of uncertainty and pandemonium. In "Sideways," Modern Original combines electronic beats with arpeggiated guitar riffs and a subtle piano track to create the ultimate post-pandemic anthem.

We spoke with Modern Original about their new music, influences, and favorite tracks on their EP. Read the full interview and listen to Modern Original below. Let us know what you think.


How are you?

We’re doing alright, just trying to keep our heads up and move forward.

How did Modern Original come about?

We were writing together a few times a week during the pandemic. When the Mowgli’s decided to split, it was a natural progression to start this new project.

Where does this leave The Mowgli’s?

The Mowgli’s are on a hiatus–we don’t know what will happen with it, but the music will live on forever. We’ll most likely do a reunion at some point.

Who are your musical influences?

Our musical influences range from classic rock, to punk, to R&B. Some current artists we love include Reni Wolf, Glass Animals & GROUPLOVE.

How would you describe your sound?

We’ve noticed that people are calling it psych-pop, which rolls off the tongue nicely. We write music straight from the heart, and we want it to be fun and (mostly) uplifting. We hope that listeners take some of that from the music.

Tell us about your latest EP, Modern Original. What inspired it?

The EP was inspired by our confusion, anxiety, and even our positive outlook during the pandemic. We decided to call it "Modern Original" because it’s an introduction to our new

chapter. The EP has 4 tracks, and is filled with highs, lows, and a lot in between.

Do you have a favorite track on the release?

Our favorite track has changed so many times; we love the whole thing. Currently, we’ll go with Hurricane. It’s a classic song from us, which we wrote for the Mowgli’s originally, then painted with new colors during production.

Which track is your favorite to play live?

We love to play "Turn It Around." From the start of the song, it has us all hooked. "Sideways" is really nice to play broken down with acoustics.

What were your songwriting and recording processes like?

We try to always write with a purpose; we have fun with it, and love to experiment with new sounds in the studio.

How do you create your album art?

Josh made the EP art. We wanted something colorful and fun, and it’s nice to play around with art ideas, as well as to keep it all in-house.

What’s next for Modern Original?

We’re getting our live show together, and we’ve also got some new songs coming soon!

Is there anything else you’d like people to know about you?

Here at Modern Original we hope to build a platform with which we can lift up new artists and help more women’s voices be heard in the music world. Things have been pretty crazy for most of us lately, and we hope to put a smile on some faces in these weird times.



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