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This Week's Best Streetwear Drops: From Union LA to Born X Raised

Check out our favorite streetwear drops of the week, hand-picked by our editors.

Union LA Spring 2024

Union LA has hit the market with a new Spring/Summer 2024 collection reminiscent of designs seen over the label’s history. Tilted “The Courage of Youth,” the collection revisits the label’s unchanging approach to the shapes and silhouettes of garments. Consistency has always been vital for Union LA’s creative director, Chris Gibbs, and this collection lacks anything but consistency. With this collection, the intention was turned toward the flourishing creativity of the younger generations below Gibbs to appeal to younger consumers through the collection’s youthful undertones. Colors are lively and fit the spring aesthetic across hoodies, crewnecks, and t-shirts, and pants are crafted from hefty material to add dense structure while still remaining lightweight for the season. Graphics are playful, such as movie poster-inspired prints, peace signs, and more. Check out the collection on the Union LA website.  


ICECREAM Spring 2024

ICECREAM, Pharrell’s skatewear label under Billionaire Boys Club, has made a triumphant entrance into the Spring/Summer 2024 season ahead with a Spring 2024 collection. Skatewear aesthetics are the focus of the collection, with flexible pieces made for layering between the changing seasons. Besides the core hoodies and graphic t-shirts featuring an array of ICECREAM graphics, the collection sees options for outerwear with more stylistic intention, such as varsity jackets, work jackets, and printed denim jackets. Retro diner aesthetics populate various jacket patches and graphics, and the label’s running dog graphic can be found across denim pieces, t-shirts, and accessories. Blue and red are the colors of emphasis for this collection, while money and bankroll motifs are mixed with ICECREAM branding between different fonts and illustrations. Check out the collection on the ICECREAM website.  

Awake NY Spring 2024

As temperatures slowly rise week after week, Awake NY has brought out its Spring 2024 collection, perfect for transitioning to warmer weather. From knitwear to outerwear and everything in between, Awake NY’s new collection balances simple and stated with options for loud prints and graphics or crisp monochromatic colors. Varsity jackets with enlarged dragon graphics come in vibrant colors, and camo technical jackets offer practicality. Elsewhere, funky patterned polos, button-up shirts, and t-shirts stand out, while laid-back hoodies, velour, and nylon tracksuits, and zip-ups are more understated. Cardigans and sweaters are cozier options, and various sweatpants can be paired with matching hoodies or mixed with graphic shirts. Check out the collection on the Awake NY website.   


Born X Raised “We Don’t F**k With You” 

Pulling inspiration from their archives, Born X Raised has released a collection titled “We Don’t F**k With You” that takes previously acclaimed styles and remixes them into fresh styles of today. Sticking to their notable branding, Born X Raised text decorates pieces in the usual Old English font style seen across all of their collections. Graphics are gritty and sharp, from the Born X Raised Horny Pills Tee, featuring a rhino and scantily clad woman, to the Buff Bunny Tee, featuring a muscular rabbit illustration smoking while lifting weights. Black, grey, and cream hoodies and long sleeves feature various wording, such as “No Weapon Formed Against Us Shall Prosper” and “We Don’t F**k With You.” A stand-out knit sweater features the script “Cocaine Paranoia” across the back with the “BXR” branding on the front. Snapbacks, fitted hats, and beanies feature similar branding. Check out the collection on the Born X Raised website.       

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