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This Week's Best Streetwear Drops: From Vandy the Pink to Stone Island

With another week comes more streetwear drops. Check out new favorites.

Vandy the Pink’s “Burger” Collection

In a playful collection that brings together adult and youth clothing staples. Vandy the Pink dropped a Spring 2023 line for their signature burger and fast food design.

CHARR, a Kanagawa-based painter, assisted in designing the brand’s new varsity jackets for youth and adult sizes. The collection features limited edition varsity jackets, hoodies, and sneakers. The jacket comes in a light brown color with white and yellow trim leaving the arms with a Tokyo Tower and Coca-Cola patch. The two pieces have different designs and come with a burger or french fries on the back accompanied with the words “The Pink” and “Favorite Cheeseburger” or “Best of All Time”.

Hoodies, rings, plush burger toys, and vintage-inspired basketball sneakers are also included. Vandy spreads its flower and globe icons across all items in the collection, creating an uninterrupted series. Prices range from $50 to $290 USD, and visit the Vandy Lab website to shop the collection.

DOE x Levi’s “Romantic Shanghai” Collection

Label DOE comes together with Levi’s once again to debut their “Romantic Shanghai”. With pieces mixing denim and the feelings that come with Shanghai’s skyline and colors, the collection emulates Levi’s classic silhouettes. The collection includes two-piece denim sets in a range of colors, with the jacket featuring a portrait of the skyline on the interior and t-shirts that read “Shanghai”. To skyline pictures, the view from the Bund with landmarks such as the Pearl Tower, World Financial Center, and Shanghai Tower. The reunited brand’s collection will be released on March 17 on DOE’s online and offline channels.

Filling Pieces' “United in Time” Collection

The Amsterdam brand found new ways to celebrate generations and blend styles. Filling Pieces cast a diverse group of models, including some of their employees, to showcase the collection most authentically. The pieces encourage comfort with crewneck sweaters, a suede jacket, acid wash denim, and more with hopes of “bridging the generational gap”, said a Filling Pieces spokesperson. From the styling of the pieces in the shoot to the creative direction, the brand hopes “United in Time” displays each generation's different experiences and perspectives, allowing either side to explore and blend their wardrobe. Check out the full collection on their webstore.

Stone Island SS23

For its Spring/Summer 23 collection, Stone Island brings new meaning to handmade pieces featuring a texture and color sprayed by hand. Staple garments made with the brand’s heritage fabric, the Mussola Gommata is dyed manually by hand spray on the interior, leaving an airbrushed look and creating a 3D effect. The collection features a hooded windbreaker-like jacket with color blocking, sweatshirts, knitwear, and a t-shirt that all sport the unique hand-sprayed design. Be on the lookout for Stone Island’s upcoming hand-sprayed collection on their website.


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