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What's New in Fashion: From Bottega Veneta to Jacquemus

Our favorite new moments in fashion, hand-picked by our editors.

Bottega Veneta Resort '24

If you haven’t already spotted the green and yellow check set on Timothee Chalamet or the large pink Andiamo worn by A$AP Rocky, we’re here to let you know Bottega Veneta’s resort 24 collection has arrived, and it’s here to tell a story. Derived from the specialness sparked within individuality and inspired by Matthieu Blazy’s childhood wardrobe, this collection is asking us to reflect on our past with a fresh lens while rediscovering how and why we style one piece with another to create our outfits. I mean, just take a look at this cognac leather tie underneath a youthful blazer displaying a cropped illusion and large buttons that still delivers a juxtaposed corporate feel. With bright, reimagined graphics from his vintage drawers, sweats and denim made from strips of leather mimicking TV static, and large labels stitched with red thread on the back of sweaters and vests, Blazy’s approach to pre-Spring 24 brings us back to nuances of being a kid, with the comfortability included. The unseriousness behind the seriousness of this lookbook can be seen at first glance, too - through flairs of bold colors and patterns, unexpected and loud fabrics, and lively shapes and proportions, Blazy hits the exploration of playful innovation in the luxury space right on the head.

anOnlyChild SS 24

Inspired by relaxing, feel-good Sundays and emphasizing the importance of stillness to rejuvenate and simply enjoy the present moment, Maxwell Osborne has created a chic, calming “Sunday’s best” collection for his SS24. The collection almost suggests a streetwear undertone, but in taking a closer look we can quickly uncover the feminine, delicate details that establish the cozy couture looks that are indeed crafted for a more distinct occasion. Through white sheer tops and skirts, structured yet somehow soft blazers, and elegant ruffling layered on classic silhouettes, these pieces are made to embody the tranquil ease behind sophisticated yet chill days. Osborne introduced a number of two-piece sets that breathe comfort and eloquence, fusing what feels like loungewear into refined, modernized looks for any Sunday morning activity. This contrasting narrative aims to showcase a way of being that is reflected within outfits themselves, while still embracing the attitude beyond the look.

Jacquemus Guirlande

The holiday collection entitled “Guirlande” from Jacquemus has finally been revealed in a sexy, festive campaign highlighting the vibrant joy and energy that the colder seasons gift us with. An oversized shearling red coat resembling a highly elevated version of your favorite robe is seemingly the only outfit for skiing down your stairs on Christmas morning, or fur-lined, belted bra top and mini skirt sets in case you need to really dress to impress for a holiday party, and blue and silver tactile tweed co-ords perfect for ice skating practice, of course. This lookbook is filled with classic, cheery shades and seasonal twists on our favorite Jacquemus pieces, like their Chiquito and Bambino bags in new, shimmering editions designed to evoke the same delight that November and December manifest. This avant garde, cheeky (literally) execution of the classic fashion house holiday collection is simply iconic, and is sure to be a hit this Winter.

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