Jeangu Macrooy on Influences, New Music, and the Eurovision Song Contest

Jeangu Macrooy is a modern pop-soul singer-songwriter born in Suriname and based in the Netherlands.

Macrooy represented the Netherlands at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, performing his uplifting and catchy single, "Birth Of A New Age." After what feels like an eternity of widespread lockdown and isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the song is a refreshing, positive call for togetherness. "Birth Of A New Age" was inspired by the unity and spirit of the Black Lives Matter movement as well as the involvement of the LGBTQ+ community in fighting injustices, and is a powerful anthem of love, acceptance, and equality.

Macrooy's rich vocal tone and thoughtfully cheerful songwriting are guaranteed not only to put a smile on your face, but also to have you singing along by the end of the song. The single's layered choral backing vocals help lift the upbeat melodies and emphasize lyrics about finding empowerment in one's roots and identity: "Yu no man broko mi" (Sranan for "you can't break me"). The clever use of piano throughout the song allows for a vast, dynamic soundscape with both full, energized moments and delicately vulnerable ones.

The accompanying music video for "Birth Of A New Age" is a stunning combination of traditional and contemporary fashion, dance, and backdrops, and reflects the song's messages about the relationship between identity and how it is perceived in an ever-changing modern world.

We spoke with Jeangu Macrooy about his influences, new music, experience at the Eurovision Song Contest, and more.

Read the full interview and listen to "Birth Of A New Age" below:

At what age did you start playing music?

There was always music in my household, and I was around ten years old when I discovered that I love to sing. I joined a boys’ choir, and then when I was 13, I got my first guitar. That was when I knew I wanted to be a musician. When I was 15, I wrote my first song with my twin brother, and it just kept growing from there.