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You'll want to listen to lodet's EP 'Many Days' for, well, many days

Swedish singer-songwriter Lodet, also known as Joakim Bjornberg, dances over boundaries of genre with his psych-rock vignettes. His laid-back tunes reflect the simple pleasures of many hours bird watching, gardening, and sipping good coffee, as well as childhood nostalgia.

Bjornberg revealed that the moniker "lodet" was taken from the name of his daycare in Trollhattan, Sweden. Though his parents both worked long hours, Bjornberg's father practiced with his cover band in the evenings, sparking Bjornberg's own love of music from a young age. "Me and my friend played along to my dad’s cover band cassette recording," Bjornberg said in a press release. "Daniel drummed on pillows and I sang 'Can’t Explain' by The Who on the mic. That was when I cemented the image of myself as a frontman, entertainer, guitarist."

Bjornberg wrote for J-Pop artists for years before shifting his focus on creating his own music. On December 11, Bjornberg released his EP entitled 'Many Days,' featuring previously released single "Chasing Circles." Speaking on the single, Bjornberg stated, "circles are what give me fuel to keep doing better and do more – to progress as a human and an artist."

Atwood Magazine lists lodet as "Artist to Watch," and compares his music to that of the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Todd Rundgren, and George Michael. Listen to lodet's 'Many Days' below and let us know what you think.



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