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Nick Nittoli: Producer, Songwriter, and Hip-Hop Artist

Nick Nittoli is a songwriter, producer, and hip-hop artist based in Hollywood, California.

In 2011, Nittoli competed alongside 11 other singer-songwriters on the Bravo reality series Platinum Hit, gaining attention in the music industry.

His writing and production for Corey Feldman's "Go 4 It" featuring Snoop Dogg brought him to the Billboard charts for the first time, and he continued to co-write and produce for various artists before signing to Bump Into Genius/Warner Chappell Music Publishing in 2017. Nittoli has since reached the iTunes Charts in the B&B and Pop, Metal, and Hip-Hop genres, working with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Yg, French Montana, Bianca Ryan, Sam Bruno and Neon Hitch.

Nittoli has been featured on BBC News, engaging in in-depth discussions about relevant political events and his original rap music, which can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and numerous other streaming platforms. His discography reveals a wide range of genre influences, including a number of hip-hop releases, an R&B album, and even a country album. In his latest single, "Charlie Sheen," Nittoli flexes his extensive skills as a lyricist, rapping seamlessly over a catchy, recurring piano line and hip-hop beats.

Check out "Charlie Sheen" now, and follow Nick Nittoli on Instagram @nicknittoli for his latest updates. Let us know what you think.



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