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Richie Quake "Voyager" Will Have You Starry-Eyed

Indie-alternative artist Richie Quake released EP Voyager on June 30, and it's out of this world... literally.

In an interview with Intersect Magazine in May, Quake shared about his love of space, citing Carl Sagan and Cosmos as influences: "The Voyager mission was when they sent out this spacecraft into space to study the universe. They attached this record on it, which was meant to tell aliens about us if they ever found it," Quake gave background on the space mission that inspired his EP (read the full interview here). Voyager explores human (and extraterrestrial) connection across multiple levels whilst delivering the signature Richie Quake sound we know and love.

"Never See You" and "Waiting For Your Turn To Speak" were released as singles ahead of the EP, and served as indicators of Quake's extensive songwriting and performance abilities in addition to building anticipation for Voyager. The EP is filled with funky bass grooves and dreamy synth and vocal effects, as well as some really special and vulnerable elements.

Acoustic track "Rush" stands out as one of the highlights of Voyager, from the thoughtful lyrics and instrumentation right down to the space and breathability of the arrangement. The mellow acoustic guitar progression and soft synths enhance Quake's raw and emotional vocal performance without overpowering it. One moment in particular where the artist's deep understanding of effective, dynamic arranging is especially clear can be heard in the tune's chorus. Backing vocals lightly hum a key melody in an echo to the main vocal hook: "caught in a rush." Underneath, a clean-toned guitar mirrors the melody with smooth sliding lines. After the rich instrumentation of the chorus, "Rush" immediately drops back down to exclusively acoustic guitar accompanying Quake's vocals. It is this attention to detail and authenticity that makes Voyager and Richie Quake so impressive and one-of-a-kind.

"Afterglow" is upbeat, with vocal melodies you'll want to sing along with and a ripping, melodic guitar solo. Richie Quake's use of effects throughout the release are another demonstration of how he has mastered his craft. The instrumental tones on Voyager are consistent with Quake's nostalgic, dream-like sound; the EP's space theme is perfect for its energy and lyrical content.

Listen to Voyager below and let us know what you think.



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