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Cece Coakley's "My Time"

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Cece Coakley’s release “My Time” is a refreshing new addition to the indie pop scene. Coakley’s sound is reflective of similar artists like Clairo and Maggie Rogers, but with her own unique originality. With “My Time,” Coakley states on her Instagram that “this song has been a labor of love for over a year now.” That labor is evident within the catchy, danceable tune, while articulating the fear and frustration of feeling that your time has been or will be wasted.

The production of the instrumentation is like silk with the satisfying contrast of the harmonic backing vocals. As she builds her following, Cece Coakley continues to release tracks that are equally playful as they are captivating. Listen to “My Time” by Cece Coakley below.

~Kimi Carter, 2022


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