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Fleece's "Stunning & Atrocious"

Started in 2015, Fleece is on the up and up as four friends from Canada introduce audiences to their biting indie pop sounds. With their animated personalities and colorful visuals, Fleece perfectly transcends beyond the average indie band. Their most recent release, Stunning & Atrocious, is a pure mix of dreamy melodies and unmatched instrumentation. This album specifically is multifaceted in its ability to make you sway to the beat, while also being introspective through their complex lyricism.

Some of their singles off this album, “Do U Mind? (Leave the Light On),” and “Upside Down,” are distinctive from one another, while keeping a sonically cohesive body of work. “Do U Mind? (Leave the Light On” has an airy feel with a strong guitar hook, while “Upside Down,” has a more Jazzy influence, including a thick bass line and wonderfully infused harmonies.

After Stunning & Atrocious being out for just a little over a year, Fleece is touring their album in cities across the US, thanking their fans for being “the most supportive.” Listen to Stunning & Atrocious and let us know your thoughts.



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