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Emerging Indie Rock Band Mercury Makes a 'Moment'

Maddie Kerr fronts the Nashville indie rock band, Mercury.

Although new to the scene, Mercury’s most recent release, “Moment,” has already raked in over 100,000 streams on Spotify, putting the spotlight on Kerr’s capacity to create captivating art. With its crunchy guitar riffs, stacked vocal layers, and hard-hitting drums, “Moment” IS the moment. This single is definitely a song to scream in your car, head banging.

When acknowledging the single, Kerr posted on Mercury’s instagram, “This song was written in an attempt to find peace in the unknown and in an anxious effort to feel in the 'moment.' We hope it hits home and gives you guys the space to scream the words, let go, and acknowledge where you are - in your present moment.”

Follow @thebandmercury on IG & Listen to “Moment” below.


~Kimi Carter, 2022


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