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What's New in Fashion: From Jacqemus to YMC London

Our favorite new moments in fashion, hand-picked by our editors.

Dior Men’s Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign

Dior’s newest campaign pays homage to another famed French designer, Yves Saint Laurent, who took over the house of Dior in 1957 as lead designer after Christian Dior. This collection, designed by Kim Jones, plays with movement and moodiness in a range of formalwear made for the approaching fall and winter seasons, with a color palette of charcoals and blacks, slate greys, navy, and beige. Eccentric silhouettes take over outerwear and dressy pieces that exude themes of elegance and beauty from Dior’s designs in the 60s. Dior’s saddle bag and pillow bag are notably featured in the campaign as staple accessories.

Jacqemus “Le Chouchou”

From the imaginative minds at Jacquemus comes a 166-item collection with a sense of grandeur and over-the-top themes meant to wow consumers. The collection highlights playfulness and color ranging from brightly colored red and blue collared sweaters, striped rugby polos, checkered button-downs, and a puffer jacket reminiscent of a marshmallow. Other items of their unique ingenuity include a lace cargo vest, an asymmetrical cardigan, and a few floral shirts here and there. Applicable to all seasons, this collection also shines with fun accessories such as a bright red puffed nylon Le Bambimou handbag or a brown leather Le banane Bambimou bum flap bag. Check out the collection on Jacquemus’ website.

YMC London Fall/Winter 2023

If you’re looking for a California-inspired cozy wardrobe for the fall and winter seasons, YMC London has just released its new Fall/Winter 2023 collection inspired by just that. Taking notes from the pre-hippie movement in California, the London-based label has created pieces with the late 50s and early 60s in mind regarding sweaters, shirts, trousers, and jackets. In authentic 50s and 60s fashion, YMC London has stuck to the natural color palette of the period, choosing cherry red, golden yellow, chocolate brown, deep navy, and forest green. Materials range from recycled fleece, heavy wool, and tanned leather. Check out the collection on YMC London’s website.

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