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New Remixes of Dua Lipa's "Levitating" will Send You Into Orbit

Following the success of her online concert, Studio 2054, pop icon Dua Lipa released three alternate versions of her song "Levitating," which can be found on the EP dedicated to the song and its subsequent remixes. In collaboration with DaBaby, Madonna, Missy Elliott, KUU, and the Blessed Madonna, Dua has crafted multiple bops with the same base song.

In one remix of the hit, DaBaby raps "Left fight, right foot, levitating / Popstars, Dua Lipa with DaBaby.” The other, featuring Madonna and Missy Elliott, dropped back in August as part of the Blessed Madonna-produced Club Future Nostalgia remix album.

Speaking on "Levitating," Dua Lipa stated that it's "the first song [she] wrote where [she] really felt [she] had everyone on board with the concept of the album." The artist wanted to mesh retro funk with a futuristic present: "When I was writing it, I felt like I was in Austin Powers and was like, 'If I do a video for this, Mike Myers has to be in it.' It had to be fun and bubbly but with lyrics that felt really smart. This is about me exploring happy songs and doing something that’s not dance crying. It’s about having fun and meeting someone and falling in love and thinking, 'You’ve probably met me at the perfect time, let’s just go for it.' It’s the feeling when love makes you feel like you’re levitating. It’s otherworldly. Things get quite Daft Punk-y here, but it’s playful, and the middle eight is almost like my British version of Blondie’s rapping. I felt like I needed to get my British side across as well on this record, because sometimes people don’t actually know where I’m from.”

Dua Lipa put her signature stamp on the catchy tune, emphasizing a driving bass line as well as a catchy dance beat and melody line. Listen to "Levitating" and watch the official music video below. Let us know what you think!



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