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Samia Breaks Into Indie Pop with "Kill Her Freak Out"

Hailing from New York City, Samia pushes the envelope within the indie pop scene with her latest release, “Kill Her Freak Out.”

The synth-y, laid back instrumental gives way for its sucker punching lyrics like, “I’ve never been this bad, can I tell you something // I’ve never felt so unworthy of loving.” This song depicts being so wrapped up in someone that you’d go to seemingly silly lengths to stay around them.

The song’s production is instrumentally simple with a synth and a baroque style harpsichord. Its thick vocal layers and harmonies emphasize the emotional build of the lyrics, creating a beautiful dance between the lyricism and melody. Samia continues to create enchanting, thought-provoking work with each release as she moves forward in her blossoming career.

Listen to "Kill Her Freak Out" below. Follow Samia on Instagram @samiatheband.

~Kimi Carter, 2022


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